LEAP Accounting

Accent Practice Management is a Professional Partner of LEAP Legal Software, the most popular provider of legal software and legal practice management software to small law firms.

As a Certified Consultant, we are accredited by LEAP Legal Software as a reliable provider of support services for users of LEAP Accounting software.

Our accreditation entitles us to additional technical resources and direct access to the LEAP Client Space so that we can access all online materials on behalf of our clients so we can save you a lot of time by getting information and downloads from the Client Space on your behalf.

With accounting skills, LEAP and MYOB expertise we are uniquely placed to assist your practice harness the benefits of LEAP Accounting. We can provide regular support services including management accounting and bookkeeper supervision.

As a MYOB Professional Partner, we can also guide your practice on how to best utilise this powerful software and its many features.

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