Our Team

Managing Director

The firm’s Managing Director is Chris Sillince. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants and a registered BAS Agent. Chris is a highly experienced former Law Office Practice Manager and was, for many years, the Financial Controller of a now large, national law firm. .

His association with LEAP began in 2003 and he became a LEAP Certified Consultant in 2006. He has considerable experience in the operation of LEAP Accounting 2003, LEAP accounting V10 and most recently with LEAP Cloud. Since Nov 2013, Chris has assisted a number of law firms to convert from legacy systems to LEAP Cloud.

Chris has also installed and setup MYOB software for numerous law firms prior to the installation of LEAP Accounting and has assisted with the resultant data conversion.  Chris regularly provides software upgrades for LEAP Accounting and MYOB on behalf of clients.

Since 2007, Chris has been an External Examiner for the Law Society of New South Wales and also has considerable expertise and experience in ‘troubleshooting’ and resolving issues in legal Trust Accounts.

Our Staff

Accent’s staff are very experienced in the use of LEAP Accounting and MYOB software and have worked in the legal profession for many years.

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