We are absolutely committed to client satisfaction in the use of the powerful combination of LEAP Accounting and MYOB software in legal practices. Our services include:

a)     Assistance in migrating data from legacy systems into LEAP Accounting and MYOB (ie the ‘conversion’ process);

b)    Installation of MYOB software and creation of the important ‘Accounts List’;

c)     Training for effective MYOB use;

d)    Additional training and support in LEAP Accounting;

e)     Ongoing accounting and bookkeeping support, including Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) preparation;

f)     Practice Management Support;

g)    Trust Account Examinations;

h)     Demonstration of LEAP Accounting and MYOB to potential purchasers, and

i)      Installation of updates to LEAP Accounting and MYOB software.

Many law firms underestimate the value of and time required to get the conversion process correct. Failure to get this right is not an option. It is a very critical process and its importance cannot be overstated.

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